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About Handknit Yarn Studio

Handknit Yarn Studio was co-founded by Kate Hand and Tracy Young in 2013 to make local, independent and eco-friendly yarn and notions available to Hamilton fibre lovers.

About Kate

Kate has been knitting since 2006, but knits like she’s been doing it her whole life. Not only can she knit up just about any project in no time, she also has a solid understanding of construction techniques, knitting techniques, and textiles. She’s a whiz at troubleshooting and identifying sticky situations, and has been teaching others to knit for about a year now.

Kate is always up-to-date with the exciting things happening in the World of Knitting, whether it be new patterns, designers, or yarns. Some of her favourite blogs are Needled, Ysolda Teague, Brooklyn Tweed, and Sazmakes.
Anyone who knows Kate even just a little bit knows that she is obsessed with everything British. She is so obsessed that she even knows about the different breeds of sheep that British wool comes from. You can be sure to find some gorgeous British sheep blends at Handknit in the near future.

About Tracy

Tracy learned to knit at an early age, but didn’t become passionate about knitting until she met Kate in 2007. Like Kate, Tracy wholeheartedly believes in knitting with unapologetic color and the best quality yarn possible.

Tracy always enjoys a challenge when approaching new projects. She loves knitting large lace shawls and just about anything by Brooklyn Tweed. She’s not afraid to add her own spin to a pattern either, or on occasion, knit without a pattern at all.

Tracy is constantly discovering new things in the World of Knitting, such a fibre qualities (and British Sheep Breeds!), techniques, and pattern trends, so don’t be surprised if you see her sitting in on one of the many classes we’ll have to offer!

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